Executive Board

Suvadra Foundation Nepal – Organogram

In the organizational structure of Suvadra Foundation Nepal, the General Assembly is the supreme body composed of differently able, Non Disabled people’s family and family members, well-wishers, Volunteers and Supporters that provide policy guidelines and directives to an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee headed by the founder president manages and implements all the plans, programs and projects of SF Nepal. The Executive Director is responsible for day-to-day administration and management.

Executive Board

  1. Krishna S. Khaitu                    President                 MSW               Social Worker
  2. Roshani Shrestha                   Vice President         M.Ed.              Nursing officer
  3. Binti Shrestha                          Secretary                M.Ed.                 Lecturer
  4. Shanti Kasula                          Treasurer                BBS         Management Student
  5. Lalita Shrestha                        Member                   B.N.                Nursing officer
  6. Binod Shrestha                        Member                  M.Sc.          Computer Engineer
  7. Kiran Gainju                             Member                  LLB                      Lawyer
  8. Sanjay Kasula                          Member                  B.E                 Civil engineer
  9. Muna Gainju                            Member                B.Ph.               Physiotherapist


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