120What can you do with Suvadra ? 1. Working at “ Swarga Children’s Home ” in Bhaktapur . This is a children’s home for children with disabilities and children with special needs. You can think of sports classes, English classes, physiotherapy, organizing activities and / or participate in the daily activities of our children’s home. Since the children need to go to school, our activity will be taken place before and / or after school ( 6 am to 9:30 am and 4:15pm to 8:30pm in the evening) 2. Working in ” Swarga Day Care Centre For children who are just outside the mainstream education.  There you can assist our teacher as an assistant. Working hours will be from 10 am to 4 pm.

Volunteers of SF- Nepal from 2014…………

  1. Christine Linders
  2. Susanne Laffree
  3. Dorien Henink
  4. Monique Fens
  5. Charlotte Pistor
  6. Saskia Boer
  7. Gwen van
  8. Ilse Damink
  9. Merle Schene
  10. Iris te Jacob
  11. Messehm Kasim
  12. Mikal van Poll
  13. Kurash van Apeldoorn
  14. Jason Stokker
  15. Roos Nijboer
  16. Marloien Hullegie
  17. Dorith Minders
  18. Henneke Keijzer
  19. Iris Jacobs


1230What can you expect at Suvadra Foundation Nepal? 1. We do not charge brokerage fees. You only pay for your stay ( 240 euros per month). If you work in the children’s home, you will have dal bhat twice a day; if you work in the Daycare, breakfast at the guesthouse is provided).  You will stay in Heart of Bhaktapur Guest House (www.heartofbhaktapur.com) or with Guest Family arranged by us . There is always a focal person to answer questions or solve your problems.

Two days Intro Package is most to do a voluntary work with us. The cost for introductory course* ( 100 euros , please see description below ) , this should be indicated in the notification . You will stay in Heart of Bhaktapur Guesthouse during your 2 days introduction course package.



How can you apply?

All you have to do is fill up a form, with your passport size picture. And you can email a scan of form filled by you. You can download form here .

* The introductory course : The two days introductory course package is to familiarized with the Nepalese culture, life style, language , public transport and voluntary work place. The Payment will cover all cost of food and two days in Guest house, entrance permit to Bhaktapur, airport pick -up , Nepalese language class and Bhaktapur tour and a map of kathmandu Valley etc.

For more information or request on application form, please contact us.