Sukumaya lama

  • Date of birth : 31-12-2001
  • Place of born : Bildra-3, Sarlahi-Disrtict
  • Diagnosis: Spinal bifida
  • Date of admission in Swarga : 11-04-2007
  • Class : 5

Family background
They are from Sarlahi district. Now, they live in Bhaktapur. They are four family member. Her father is 35 years old. Her mother is 33 years old. Her father and mother work in wool factory. She has one older sister and is a student. She is 13 years old.

Medical background
Sukumaya is a diagnosed with spinal bifida. Her down legs and paralyzed and she is incontinent from stool and urine. She is suffering from contractures in her both ankles, a big wound on her behine from the sitting and a big bulb on her back which is an symptom of spinal bifida, but most of the times already operated at an earlier age. This bulb is very sensitive.

First impression
In the first day, she is very happy. When she arrived, we gives new books and diaper. She is happy.

Intervention plan
1. Regular physiotherapy
2. Inclusive education in regular school
3. Regular Consultation with orthopedic Doctor
4. Regular follow up at HRDC

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