Ruchi Gottee

  • Date of birth : 02-11-1998
  • Place of born : Itache-17, bhaktapur
  • Diagnosis : Cerebral Palsy
  • Date of admission in Swarga : 17-08-2012

Family background
They are four member. she is a first child of her parent. Her is 33 years old. He is a school driver. Her mother is a house wife and is 31 years old. She has a younger brother. He is 2 years old.

Medical background
she is suffering CP (cerebral palsy) and mentally retardation. He had several check up in the HRDC (hospital and rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children) hospital of Banepa. she has difficulties with walking and her life hand to movement. She have a eye problem also.

First impression
Ruchi is a beautiful and helpful girl. She like to playing games and talking lots. When her parent leave in Swarga, she is not crying and not sad also

Intervention plan
1. Regular physiotherapy
2. Daycare
3. Regular Consultation with neuro Doctor
4. Regular Consultation with orthopedic Doctor
5. Regular follow up at HRDC
6. Regular check up in eye’s hospital

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