Rachita Shrestha

  • Date of birth: 16-04-2003
  • Place of birth: Tatopani-9,Sinduparchok District
  • Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy (Hemiplegic)
  • Date of admission in Swarga: 12-12-2007

Family background
She is from Sindupalchok district and now live Bhaktapur, Byasi. They have four family members. Her father is 26 years old. He is a driver. Her mother is 23 years old. She is a house wise. Rachita has one brother. He is younger brother.he is one years old and he is a student. In her family, only one person has income. It is not enough even for food, clothes and shelter etc.

Medical background
She is diagnosed with CP (cerebral palsy) hemiplegic right sided and mentally retardation.she had several check up in the HRDC (hospital and rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children) hospital in Banepa. She has difficulties with walking and talking and there is also a vision problem. He has epilepsy as well.

First impression
She is a nice girl likes to talk each other. She is not used to doing thing by herself because of that she asks help every time. So, that is something. We have to work on. She follows the instruction and likes to play and be among friends.

Intervention plan
1. Regular physiotherapy
2. Daycare
3. Regular Consultation with Eye doctor
4. Regular Consultation with neuro Doctor
5. Regular follow up at CP Center Dhapakhel.
6. Having medicine as per the prescription of Doctor – varparin medicines per day 700mg

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