Neema Lama

  • Date of birth : 21-11-1998
  • Place of born : Mechchhai-3, karve District
  • Diagnosis: Lt. Hemiplegia and spech problem
  • Date of admission in Swarga : 08-02-2010
  • Class : one

Family background
They are six family member. Grand father, mother, two younger brother. He is a first child of his parent. His father is not own father (step father). He married his mother having unknown. He has one sister ( 4 years old) and one brother (8 month). His mother having speech problem.

Medical background
He is a suffering CP (cerebral palsy). He had several check up in the HRDC (hospital and rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children) hospital of Banepa. He has difficulties with walking and talking.

First impression
We meet him in july 2007. His condition was so worse. He had burn infection on his head it was so worse with big wound and pus discharge. After the treatment wound was heal and became normal.

Intervention plan
1. Regular physiotherapy
2. Inclusive education in regular school
3. Regular Consultation with Physician
4. Regular Consultation with orthopedic Doctor
5. Regular follow up at HRDC.

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