Man Bahadur Bhujel

  • Date of birth : 30-01-2002
  • Place of Born: Panchakanya-3, Sunsari-District
  • Diagnosis: Spinal bifida
  • Date of admission in Swarga : 17-09-2012
  • Class : U.K.G 

Family background

They are five member. His father is 44 years old.He is a house builder. His mother is 45 years old. She is a house wife. His had three older brother and all are student. In his family, only one person has income. It is not enough even for food, clothes and shelter etc. 

Medical background

Man bahadur is a diagnosed with spinal bifida. His left leg is amputated half and his right foot has deformities. He has a artificial leg. His right down legs and paralyzed and he is incontinent from stool and urine. A big wound on his behine from the sitting and a big bulb on his back which is an symptom of spinal bifida, but most of the times already operated at an earlier age. This bulb is very sensitive.

First impression

We saw him in the hospital, is smile. He came to talk with us. We introducation each other. After moment, he forget our name. He try to remember our name but no. He is a very nice boy. 

Intervention plan

  1. Regular physiotherapy
  2. Inclusive education in regular school
  3. Regular Consultation with Physician
  4. Regular Consultation with orthopedic Doctor
  5. Regular follow up at HRDC.

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