Chandra Kala Bhujel

  • Date of birth: 06-11-2003
  • Place of Born : Chhinamakhu-8, Bhojpur- District
  • Diagnosis: Burning
  • Date of admission at Swarga: 27-01-2007
  • Class: 5

Family Background


Chadra kala has a father and mother, is a second child. Father lives still in bhojpur with his second wife and children. mother came to kathmandu with chandra to seek help for her medical problems. She is now working with us. (Swarga children home). Her brother also stay with us. He is a student.

Medical background

When she was six months, the house got on fire, in which chandra’s leg and foot were injured. Due to that her left leg is amputated half and her right foot has deformities. She has a artificial leg and can walk quite ok with that. For her right foot she has a brace to wear at night. Every night she need to oil message on her legs.

First impression

She is a cute girl, over whom the other children like to mother. she is still very small., cries a lot, especially before sleeping and misses her mother a lot. Going to school for half days is tiring for her, now she sleeps in the afternoon. She likes to play with the dolls and barbie’s a lot. She needs help with dressing herself, going to toilet. Eating she can do herself.

Intervention plan

  1. Inclusive education in regular school
  2. Regular Consultation with orthopedic Doctor
  3. Regular follow up at HRDC.

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