To all who have been involved in the “Stichting Suvadra”, “Suvadra Foundation Nepal” (SFN) and the Swarga Children Home in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

As many of you know, the Swarga Children Home for handicapped children was founded by Joyce van Rijen and Krishna Khaitu and the foundations Suvadra (Netherlands) and Suvadra Foundation Nepal.

Their cooperation has existed from 2004 until 2014 and has brought a lot of good to the handicapped children of Nepal.

After a period of deliberation both foundations and its founders decided, in mutual consent, each to aim at different lines of work, fitting their ambitions and fields of attention.

• Stichting Suvadra will aim at supporting handicapped children and young ones individually and on project base

• Suvadra Foundation Nepal will aim at the maintenance and extension of the Swarga Children Home and Day-care

Both organisations take the opportunity to thank their sponsors and supporters for their support in the past. They will be happy to receive your support in the future as well, especially in these hard times for the Nepali people.

Gifts are very welcome. Volunteers that might support the work of each foundation practically are very much invited!

Relevant information:

​​​​​Swarga Children’s Home
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Stichting Swarga, Enschede (NL)
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t.n.v. Stichting PhySCI Nepal
Facebook : Swarga

Stichting Suvadra
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4761 MS Zevenbergen​​​​
e-mail IBAN NL34INGB000781034
Facebook : Suvadra

Happy New Year 2072

Dear All,

As 2071 is stepping toward 2072, we wish all of you a very happy NEW YEAR 2072 for healthy and prosperous life.

As we are celebrating a festival “Bisket Jatra” in Bhaktapur, we would like to share the glory and the power for keep supporting the children with disabilities in Nepal. We are very much thankful to you all for your support, cooperation and your good wishes which have been a great source of inspiration for us in our endeavor to keep going with Activities of Suvadra Foundation Nepal and Swarga Children’s Home.

Dr.Rory Truell – Secretary General of IFSW visited Swarga

Dr. Rory G. Truell – Secretary General of IFSW mentioned in his comment.Rory wrote: “Krishna Khaitu I am encouraged by your work. Social workers from throughout the world can also learn from your and SWAN’s examples. Visiting your home for disabled children was a delight. The children were so skilled, confident and loved. Your work embodies the best of social work.”


Trip Advisor

“Travelers’ Choice 2015″

Congratulation to Heart of Bhaktapur Guest House for is the Travalers’ Choice 2015. we wish for your success and bright future as always being your well wishers.

Swarga Children’s Home Family

Suvadra Foundation Nepal Family

Sunita Thapa

  • Date of birth : 16-05-2000
  • Place of born : Changunarayan-7, bhaktapur district
  • Diagnosis: Seckel syndrome
  • Date of admission in Swarga : 28-07-2008

Family background
They are five family member. she is a second child of her parent. Her father is a famer. He is 45 years old. Her mother is a 32 years old. She is a housewife. Sunita have one older brother and one younger brother. They are 11 years and 6 years old. They are a student.

Medical background
She is suffering Seckel Syndrom and mentally retardation. When she was 2 years, she had got attacted by could be epilepsy. They take doctor and got care. The family believe that if she share the food from one plate to other plate then she may have epilepsy.

First impression
She is a shy girl. She like talking so much. When her parent leave in Swarga first time, she is slint few day. Then after she will fine. She likes sing a song.

Intervention plan
1. Regular physiotherapy
2. Daycare
3. Regular Consultation with neuro Doctor
4. Regular Consultation with orthopedic Doctor