photo-5-(4)Suvadra Foundation Nepal (SF – Nepal) is non-governmental organization founded in 2006 by group of people who are motivated, dedicated and experienced to work in the field of children with disabilities. It is registered at District Administration office Bhaktapur as per the organization registration act of country and affiliated with Social Welfare Council.

Either due to geographical or economical reasons, children with disabilities in general are badly neglected group in Nepal. The basic care is very minimal. They are not getting any opportunities, facilities and good environment within the family but are considered as burden. So, our intention of  founding this organization is to support these children to become more self dependent to live as dignified citizen of the nation, give free and better life and at the same time to give relief to the family For the period of rehabilitation.

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The foundation is working under the theme of Youth Empowerment, Social Justice, Social Inclusion, Meaning participation, Child Rights, Inclusive Education and Sport, Social and Medical rehabilitation for the protection and promotion of  PWDs following the concept of Institutional Based Rehabilitation (IBR) .

Every act counts. With your help, more children will be benefited. Your small contribution can immensely change the life of children with disabilities.

Krishna S. Khaitu
Founder President
Suvadra Foundation Nepal (SF-Nepal)